Why You Need An Advisor

There are many, many people who are smart investors. They have studied the financial markets, know how to evaluate a company, know about asset class diversification, know how to assess their own risk tolerance. What is most difficult, even for these very skillful investors is to eliminate the factor of emotion from their decisions. There are tables which indicate the average annual rate of return for equity markets and the average annual rate of return of the average equity market investor. There is a huge gap between the two averages. This is due to the factor of emotion and the lack of an intermediary between the investor and his/her portfolio. Creating an “arms length” between you and your portfolio is essential to optimal investment performance. When this “arms length” contains an experienced, cool advisor who has a financial interest in your continued success, you are going to have much greater chance of weathering the storms of Market cycles.


Welcome to My Site

I am very happy to have you here on my new website. First, I want to thank my web consultant, Martha Retallick from Western Sky Communications for her very prompt, professional and economical assistance with rebuilding my old website. She recommended the WordPress format. I learned that building my website in this way makes it easy to read and navigate on personal computers, tablets and smartphones. I have also learned how easy it is to change the copy and appearance of the site and most importantly how easy it is to blog on my site. I also want to thank Julie Rustad at 24-7 creative solutions for creating my new brand that is at the top of my website.

I am awaiting help from Scottrade Advisor Services, my account custodian to create an easy to use gateway for my clients for accessing their account information.

Most of all, I want to express my sincere appreciation and devotion to my clients for their faith in me over these many years. It is a privilege and an honor to serve every one of them.

My goal on this website will be to do the best I can to inform the public about the safest, cheapest, and most reliable ways for them to invest their money. After all, money is only the means for us to accomplish the plans we make to fulfill our fondest dreams. Onward and Upward!