I was born and raised in Tucson and the University of Arizona is my alma mater. In addition to earning a B.A. in Liberal Arts with double major in Sociology and Psychology, I did post-graduate study in advanced mathematics at the UA College of Engineering.

During 1993-2003, I was a Registered Representative and later Investment Advisor Representative of AXA Advisors, a global financial consulting firm. While at AXA Advisors I was trained and licensed to sell variable life insurance, variable annuities, health and disability insurance, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. I also received extensive training in the practice of financial planning.

AXA’s financial planning process required extensive review of a client’s bank and brokerage accounts; employer sponsored retirement plans and benefits; wills and trusts; and existing life, health and disability insurance policies. The meetings required hours of time and preparation and the process frequently took months to complete. Often, these plans recommended in great detail a host of financial products such as life, health, disability, and long term care insurance, as well as living trusts, wills, section 529 education funds and medical savings accounts.

I was required to submit my financial plans to AXA Advisors’ national planning center in Alpharetta, Georgia for review and approval by Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Financial Analysts, attorneys, and Certified Public Accounts before presenting them to my clients.

Because of my expertise and extensive use of AXA’s financial planning program, I received special recognition from my agency manager at the 1997 annual awards banquet. The agency manager also awarded me more than 800 client accounts which were formerly held by our district manager.

I left AXA Advisors in 2003 because I felt that their insurance agency model – and its emphasis on selling variable life insurance policies and annuities – didn’t allow me to make objective recommendations to my clients. I briefly affiliated with Stephen Kohn and Associates, a small brokerage and registered investment advisor, before establishing Jim Hannley LLC in 2004.

Jim Hannley LLC is now my sole endeavor. I am not engaged in any other business.