How are your investments are doing? You can find out by calling my office at 520-623-3646 or by e-mailing me. You can also log into the secure website provided by my account custodian, TD Ameritrade. Please follow the secure link below to access your account login.

Your online TD Ameritrade account is available around the clock. It provides information on:

  • Account balance
  • Asset allocation
  • Account activity, which includes withdrawals or disbursements, and contributions

Note: Client accounts under TD Ameritrade custody are SIPC and FDIC insured.

Your Quarterly Review

In addition to the online information and periodic reports you’ll get from TD Ameritrade, I create quarterly written reports and review them with you. These quarterly reviews allow you to better understand your investment and determine if it is still suitable for your risk tolerance and financial goals. Here’s a Sample Quarterly Review Report.