I’ve divided my link list into two categories: Useful and Fun. Let’s get started with Useful:

  1. Arizona Daily Star – Southern Arizona’s largest daily newspaper
  2. Arizona State Retirement System Online Estimators – How much will you get and when can you claim it?
  3. Association of Raytheon Retirees – Same drill as ARS, expect it’s for those who work for Southern Arizona’s largest private employer.
  4. BankTracker – A project of the American University School of Communication’s Investigative Reporting Workshop, this searchable database provides details on the financial health of banks and credit unions.
  5. The Big Picture – Barry Ritholz warned against the negative effects of the housing bubble while most mainstream media commentators were singing the praises of ever-increasing home prices. His observations are based on the rarely used combination of quantitative data and behavioral economics.
  6. Center for Economic Policy Research – Promoting “democratic debate on the most important economic and social issues that affect people’s lives” since 1999. The home of the popular “Beat the Press” blog, which offers regular smackdowns to the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, National Public Radio, and other pillars of the mainstream media.
  7. Internal Revenue Service – Yes, they do want your money. The IRS also has one of the easiest-to-use websites in the entire federal government. From those tax forms that you need right now to information on reporting frauds and scams, this site has it all.
  8. Naked Capitalism – Your daily dose of financial and economic commentary, with an extra helping of snark.
  9. Retirement Assessment – Follow a four-step process and see if you’re on track for a successful retirement. If you use this tool, it sends me a notification e-mail and I will follow up with you. But fear not. I won’t put the hard sell on you. The Retirement Assessment is a no-obligation free service.
  10.  Social Security Administration – It’s not as stylish as the IRS website, but it’s the place to go for researching popular baby names. Or for learning how to apply for benefits.
  11.  Tucson Progressive – My wife, Pamela, is the hardest working political blogger in Arizona. Read about border issues, economic development, income inequality, and more.
  12. Weiss Ratings – Unlike ratings agencies that are paid by the companies they’re evaluating, Weiss is independent. It issues Financial Strength Ratings on more than 11,000 financial institutions. These include banks, S&Ls, and insurers.

Enough Useful. Now it’s time to have some Fun!

  1.  Hilo, Hawaii – My favorite vacation destination!
  2. Tucson Bike Maps [PDF file] – A collection of the best bicycling in town.
  3. Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club – My family’s favorite exercise and relaxation place.