I’m a fee-based investment advisor, and here’s what I offer to clients:

  1. Financial plans
  2. General financial consultations (on an hourly fee basis)
  3. Analysis of existing portfolios to determine diversification and risk temperament suitability
  4. Portfolio Management
  5. Socially conscious investment advice and portfolio management

Strategic Diversification

The best word to describe my portfolio management approach is “strategic”. I believe that portfolio diversification will lead to the best investment outcomes.

I diversify my client portfolios among different types of securities called “asset classes”. These include:

  1. Stocks of large and small companies; American or foreign
  2. Government or corporate bonds
  3. Cash
  4. Commodities
  5. Real estate purchased as securities through “real estate investment trusts” (REITS)

Market Timing, Mutual Funds, and Stock Picking

I make no attempt to buy or sell securities in client portfolios because I believe the stock or bond market is going up or going down. This is called “market timing.” Sometimes it works, but a lot of times, it doesn’t.

I believe that the best investment diversification is achieved by creating a portfolio of mutual funds (collections of stocks, bonds, REITS, commodities, etc.) and stocks. Mutual funds can be passively managed index funds or they can be actively managed. The stocks I pick can be of any market capitalization from “giant” to “micro” -caps.

Actively managed mutual funds rely on the judgment of well-trained managers or teams of managers backed by experts who research the companies considered for investment. I believe that actively managed funds provide better long-run investment outcomes for my clients.

I do not use hedge funds or derivatives in client portfolios, although I am not limited in their use. I have no obligation to any fund company to use their mutual funds or to use a certain account custodian.